Junior Derby Season Starts Now!

London Rollergirls Juniors are having their next official session and we want YOU to come! 

Are you 12-17 and interested in trying out roller derby? 

Maybe you're already skating and want to get some more experience under your helmet. 

This session is open to ALL levels.

Saturday 24th June 2017 11.30am - 1pm Bermondsey, London

  • 100% Secure.

What Will This First Session Include?

2 hour bootcamp with the London Rollergirls where you will learn:

  • The basics of Roller Derby
  • Drills to practice your track skills
  • Off skate training to increase your track skills

Can't skate? - Don't worry, we got you - we'll teach you how  

Badass skater? - We got you too - our coaches will be taking you through some drills and skills. 

Somewhere in between?! - We're all in that boat! We'll make sure every skill level is catered for and we'll be teaching basic skating skills too.

Click the button below to join us on the 24th of June and learn how to play this amazing sport

What Kit Do I Need?

The minimum requirements are: 

  • Helmet
  • Mouthguard
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Wristguards
  • Quad Rollerskates

What If I don't have Any/All Equipment?

That's a lot of stuff, if you don't have it all or you don't have any of it then drop us a line at juniorleaguelrg@gmail.com and we'll try to bring as much loaner gear as we can get our hands on. 

AND we'll make sure you still have a great time even if we can't get you kitted out this time.

What Is Mama Bash School of Hard Knocks? 

Mama Bash School of Hard Knocks junior roller derby league participants must be 12-17 (inclusive) and identify as female, intersex, and/or gender expansive to take part in the off skates session. All genders and all ages are welcome to come along and watch! 

The league is directly affiliated with London Rollergirls, the top roller derby league in Europe and top 3 in the World. 

Did we mention this is FREE? Please sign up for more information about our awesome event - see you there!

What is Roller Derby?

Roller derby is a contact sport, played on rollerskates. 

There are two teams with a maximum of 14 skaters on each team, 5 skaters per team may be on the track at any one time. 4 skaters on each team are Blockers, they play defence and offense for the 5th skater, the sprint skater and point scorer, this skater is called the Jammer. 

The skaters may only ‘positionally’ block one another meaning they can position themselves in such a way that stops opposition skaters from moving as they wish, junior roller derby skaters may not physically impact upon one another. 

The jammer must pass the hips of all of the opposing Blockers and then lap the pack and every opposing player she passes after this she will score 1 point. Both jammers can be scoring at the same time. 

The first jammer to pass every blocker opponent’s hips without incurring a penalty will be awarded ‘lead jammer’.

 Lead jammer status gives the power to that jammer to ‘call off’ or stop the jam at any time by touching her hips twice. Unless a jam is called off it will last for 2 minutes. 

After the 2 minutes has elapsed or the lead jammer has called off the jam, another jam will start 30 seconds later with a new team of 5 players. 

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Can't Make This Session?

If you can't make this taster session but would like to know more about Junior Roller Derby and find out when our next taster sessions will be. 

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